Since this course began at Chapel Hill in 2008, students have contributed to and created a significant body of online public historical work. Some of the best of that work is showcased below:

Blue Ridge Parkway Projects

From 2009-12 History 671 students contributed original research and writing to Driving Through Time: The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway in the form of the following illustrated “overlook” essays:



In 2013, with the aid of Pamella Lach in the UNC Digital Innovation Lab, students built a freestanding historical exhibit, The Unbuilt Blue Ridge Parkway.


Campus History Projects

From 2015-17, students conducted research, wrote essays, and developed original data visualizations for two exhibits about campus history:

Names in Brick and Stone: Histories from UNC’s Built Landscape

The instructions for students for the 2015 version of this project may be seen here.



Legacies on the Landscape: Buildings and Names at East Carolina University









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