Public history is a vast and diverse field with practitioners working in many different settings.  Not everyone even agrees on a definition of public history!


General Resources

We’re only able in this course to brush the surface of this fascinating field.  But below are links to some additional resources to help you explore the field further.  Many of these sites also contain job listings:

  • National Council on Public History
    • Main professional organization for public historians working in all settings.
    • NCPH’s History@Work blog:  Great source of smart short articles on all sorts of public history issues.
    • NCPH’s job listings page
    • NCPH’s “Off the Wall” blog:  “critical reviews of history exhibit practice in an age of ubiquitous display.”  In 2012, this blog ceased publishing, as NCPH’s digital presence migrated to the Public History Commons, anchored by History@Work (see above).
  • The Public Historian
    • NCPH’s journal.  For thirty years, the journal of record for the field.  Full-text online access through UNC libraries (ONYEN required).
  • H-Public
    • Co-sponsored by NCPH and part of H-Net, a discussion listserv for conversation and announcements regarding public history, although conversation has in recent years migrated to the History@Work page, discussed above. You can also visit the discussion archives and the H-Net job postings page.

Graduate Programs

Doing graduate work in public history: Before you start, check out NCPH’s Public History Navigator, a guide to choosing a graduate program.

Public History M.A. Programs in North Carolina

An innovative model of what a Ph.D. program in Public History can look like:  Middle Tennessee State University.  Also, to watch: NC State’s new Public History Ph.D. program, launched in the fall of 2014.

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