This syllabus is, by its nature, somewhat dynamic.  Here, however, is a PDF version of the entire thing as it looked on 8/26/2014.


This section provides biographical and contact information (including office hours) for the course instructor.

Texts and Readings List

This section lists required course books, articles, and links.

Course Policies

This section outlines basic course policies, including class attendance, use of electronic devices, citing sources, file naming conventions, and the Honor Code.

Service-Learning Component

This section outlines the service-learning component of this course and discusses the course’s designation as an APPLES course fulfilling the College’s “experiential education” (EE) requirement.

Course Schedule

This section includes a link to the course’s Google calendar containing the skeleton day-by-day course schedule — with readings and major assignment due dates — and the full Trello board for the class, which contains full details on what’s on tap for each week.

Graded Work

This section lists all graded work for the course, and discusses how the final course grade will be calculated.  It also includes some general criteria for graded work in the class.  It provides links to detailed guidelines (contained in Trello) for all work on the Blue Ridge Parkway course project.

Final Exam Study Questions

Questions and instructions to help you prepare for the final exam will be posted here near the end of the semester.

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